An implementation of QR code encoder for Objective-C ported from Psytec library

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To integrate the QR Code Encoder static library with your iOS application, follow the steps below:

1. Drag the Xcode project package QRCodeEncoderObjectiveCAtGithub.xcodeproj to your project navigator

2. Click on your project. Choose the target. Then go to the Build Phases page. 
   Expand "Target Dependencies" and add qrencoder to the list

3. In the same Build Phases page, expand "Link Binary With Libraries", add libqrencoder.a to the list

4. Switch to the Build Settings page, go down to the Search Paths section. (if you have trouble finding it, type "header search" in the search field)
   Add the absolute path to the source code directory to the path list.

5. Build the project and you are good to go!

How to Use

Here is the typical workflow:

1. Import QREncoder.h

2. Call +[QREncoder encodeWithECLevel:version:string:] to encode a string to a square matrix of booleans.

3. Call +[QREncoder renderDataMatrix:imageDimension:] to render the matrix generated from step 2.

Take a look at QRCodeEncoderDemoViewController.mm for encoding and rendering examples. Or build and run the target QRCodeEncoderDemo to see things in action.

Also, since the encoder references C++ code, ALL implementation files need to have .mm as the extension.


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